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Studio Kura Gallery, Japan, 2024

Good Sport Gallery, Canada, 2024

Galerie d'art du Cégep de Jonquière, Canada, 2022


Exhibition view
Left - The Struggle of the Cherry, Pascale Jean
Middle - Work by Jeremie Rose Wimbrow
Right - The Bitter Grip of an Acquired Taste, Pascale Jean
Good Sport Gallery, 2024


Exhibition view
Left and center - works by Jeremie Rose Wimbrow
Right - work by Pascale Jean, After Midnight
Good Sport Gallery, 2024


Pascale next to Civilized Coma
Civilized Coma, oil on canvas, 35in x 40in
Good Sport Gallery, 2024

Pascale and Jeremie on opening night
Good Sport Gallery, 2024

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