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Original oil painting on canvas board

In English, to botch, according to the Cambridge dictionnary, means to spoil something by doing it badly. A cigarette botch, or "une botch" is also a Quebec term that refers to a cigarette butt that has not been extinguished properly and can cause a fire. 

Botch is a creation coming from play with words, culture and idioms. 


From the "Hands" collection, this work plays with notions of communication, history, and the shift in storytelling in our contemporary times.

SIZE: 10in x 8in 

DETAILS: Signed on the back by the artist. Ready to hang, shipped in a simple wooden frame.

* Artist retains all rights to artwork for reproduction


  • Once a purchase is completed, no refund or exchange is accepted. Keep in mind that colors of purchased artworks may vary slightly from what is displayed on your screen, as monitor display calibrations can vary. 

You have any questions about the artworks or planning an international order? I'm happy to answer them for you!

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