Limited Print of Cat Lady, oil on canvas painting, printed on 16in x 19in matte paper, 12in x 16in, excluding the white border. 


Limited Edition of 25 prints, numbered and signed.

Cat Lady PRINT

  • Printed on 100% acid free cotton paper.


    Cat Lady is a satyrical and empowering take on the concept of "crazy cat ladies" and was built around interrogations on femininity, social status, static social concepts and anonimity. 


    For limited edition prints: 

    Albeit Limited Edition prints may be reprinted on different surfaces or sizes, they will never be reprinted in the same format as the original limited edition print once sold out. Colours may vary slightly from the online product view.


    For custom prints, framing or gallery pricing, please email pascale.papercut[at] with a .jpg or screenshot of the images(s) you are interested in. 


    Thank you!