Work influenced by Uta Barth. Play with light and textures, captured on a rolleiflex and 120mm film. 

Support & Rhythm are part of a series playing with photography as a painterly act.


Support & Rhythm DIPTYCH

  • Printed on 100% acid free cotton paper.

    The image is meant to be blurry. The size encompasses the white border, a compositional choice in this series.


    This is a two (2) images purchase. The size information is the size of each image (eg. 8x8 is for two 8x8 images). Special rates apply for this diptych, the purchase of the diptych being more economical than buying two single images.


    Limited Edition Print. Street photography in Vancouver, Canada, printed on 16in x 16in matte paper. Edition of 10, signed and numbered.


    For custom prints, framing or gallery pricing, please email pascale.papercut[at] with a .jpg or screenshot of the images(s) you are interested in. Thank you!